History would say that we have made wines built for the cellar, and the present is no different. At Wild Duck Creek Estate, we have a philosophy of continuing improvement in all facets of the winemaking process. From continuous human engagement in our vineyards, to critically looking at every aspect of our winemaking style, we are always striving for excellence.

We have always made wines we love to consume ourselves. It is our belief that wines should be enjoyed not just young and fresh, but also with age. Hence our viticulture along with winemaking style is tailored to create wines that not only reflect our unique vineyards, the Heathcote region and our personality as winemakers, but also our customers’ demand for wines that will reward careful cellaring.

Our viticulture and winemaking is very traditional. We apply minimal inputs into our vineyards other than what naturally occurs. We open up our soils via deep ripping to allow our vines to use it at their will, which keeps them healthy and vibrant. We allow our shoots to naturally sprawl, or we lift them vertically with wires depending on the vigour of the site, allowing each bunch access to sunlight at some point during the day.

Our winemaking is minimalist, allowing our fruit to express itself fully. We hand plunge the skins four times per day, using some whole bunches in most ferments for complexity of aroma and texture. Some extended skin contact is used on some batches when required. Each batch is then basket-pressed into the best French and American oak hogsheads and barriques with the tightest grain. The wine rests in these barrels for up to three years depending on the batch and its final destination.

We do this all in the quest to make the most expressive and texturally diverse wines we can, so our customers can enjoy our wines over many years.